My Own Self-Provided Frame

My Own Self-Provided Frame

Precio habitual $100.00 Precio de oferta $75.00

Lucia Eyes Lenses Placed Into Your Existing Frames

Please send your order number, frames and the existing lenses to us at:

LUCIA EYES EyeHub Solutions Attn: David Golub 2275 Michael Faraday Dr. Suite 4 • San Diego, CA 92154

Please also email your shipping information (airbill number) to us at

If frames are unusable, then you will need to reorder new frames (we will communicate with you directly via email if this is the case). 

Terms: You the client desire to provide your own frames and assume all responsibility for them from the time they leave your possession, go through the outfitting process in our lab and return to your possession.

Re-used frames can easily break and you assume all liability and cost for their replacement.